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How to relationship Meredith into the Cyberpunk 2077

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How to relationship Meredith into the Cyberpunk 2077

  • “[Sit] Yeah”
  • “[Stand] Let us gamble!”
  • “Let’s split the complete fuckin’ vessel aside”
  • “[Assist Kerry]”
  • “[Kiss]”
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That it a number of choices will culminate during the a rather uncommon intercourse world where V and you may Kerry make love in the course of the consuming, fiery yacht. Later on, toward seashore, you need to buy the “Hug” alternative whether or not it happens in order to start an extended-title reference to him.

Kerry relationship a beneficial end

Kerry’s “good” end, such River’s, is a bit so much more discreet than those you can enjoy with sometimes of the game’s females like appeal. Indeed, so you’re able to select Kerry once again regarding the epilogue, you only need to result in the same selection you make discover certainly one of River’s “good” endings. This new happiest and much more close consequences for V and Kerry was to believe Arasaka throughout the conclude objective, and return to World whenever given the solution regarding the epilogue. You can also come across Kerry about epilogue toward “Highway off Magnificence” conclude, which you are able to arrived at from the giving Johnny and you can Rogue on finally goal and you will leading Johnny so you’re able to mix the fresh new connection regarding end; however, that it outcome is even more downbeat and less hopeful anywhere between V and you may Kerry.

Meredith Stout is a Corpo professional whom you are able to satisfy very early in an element of the Cyberpunk 2077 land. Continue Reading

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