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Facial Anthropometric Norms among Kosovo – Albanian People

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Facial Anthropometric Norms among Kosovo – Albanian People


The goal of this research were to introduce facial anthropometric norms and take a look at the on sexual dimorphism inside face parameters certainly Kosovo Albanian adults.

Materials and methods

The new sample provided 204 pupils away from Dental care University, Professors out of Medicine, College out-of Pristina. Playing with direct anthropometry, some 8 standard face measurements is adopted per topic having digital caliper that have an accuracy off 0.01 mm (Workplace, Hamburg-Germany). This new normative study and you may percentile rankings was determined. Intercourse variations in facial variables were assessed using t- decide to try to have separate products (p 0.05).The highest directory away from intimate dimorphism (ISD) is actually receive on all the way down facial level 1.120, whereby the highest part of sexual dimorphism, %., has also been discover. Continue Reading

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