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So what can you and your chapel do in order to “love people that are aliens”?

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So what can you and your chapel do in order to “love people that are aliens”?

You’ll find strong commands regarding the Bible to safeguard rather than oppress sojourners (Exodus ; Leviticus 19:step 3, ten, 34; ; Deuteronomy -29; , 14; -21; -13; ; Jeremiah seven:6; 22:3). Goodness themselves protects the fresh citizen alien:

Q1. () What risks faced Abraham and his awesome family since the aliens and you may sojourners for the Egypt and you can elsewhere? Exactly who you’ll oppress him or her? Exactly what “aliens and you can sojourners” reside in your people? Why performed they arrive? Exactly how are they being oppressed or discriminated against by the employers and you can someone else in the community?

Abraham’s Concern with Passing (-12)

Abraham face a concern that all refugees don’t face — driving a car one his beautiful “trophy girlfriend” might be abducted and this he will become slain so that the guy will not cause problems.

So it passing raises an abundance of inquiries that we must believe minder one after another. Very first, Sarah’s charm. All of our people places youthfulness and you will beauty with her in women. Just how do Sarah rise above the crowd as beautiful from the age 65? Kidner sees the secret to which quandary regarding the patriarchal existence-span that’s about double our own.

Of course, this really is speculation and we don’t know needless to say. Continue Reading

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